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March 29th, 2007

Don't forget to write


40 off the wall questions!

1.) What side of the heart do you draw first?
The broken side.

2.) Can you dive without plugging your nose?
Ick, I hate water up my nose.

3.) What color is your razor?
It’s the regular silver one. They didn’t make the pink razr for me. Now they have all sorts of colors for phones.

4.) What is your blood-type?

It has to be A+ cuz I’m the best right?

5.) Who would you want to be tied to for 24 hours?
A man with nice hands. Hahaha.

6.) Where would you go to live for the rest of your life if you could?
Some place warm and beachy, but you know… minus the hurricanes.

7.) How do you feel about carrots?
I think the horses love them. I personally have no feelings either way.

8.) How many chairs at the dining room table?
2. Not really a dining room. It’s more like a pub table.

9.) Which Spice Girl is the best?

10.) What's your favorite color?

11.) What's your least favorite animal?
Prolly the skunk. I mean, why run into the road just to get hit and spray.

12.) What would you do if you were stuck in an elevator with your bf/gf?
punch them probably. I’m sure in some way it was his fault we were in that particular elevator when we got stuck.

13.) What's your favorite kind of gum?
I really don’t have a favorite. I really don’t chew gum that much. It used to get stuck in my hair when I was little. Plus that song where they put it on their headboard for later, it totally grosses me out.

14.) Do you scrapbook?
well if you knew me, you’d know that I like to start things and never finish. As you can guess, I’ve tried to scrapbook and I have tons of stuff TO scrapbook, I just haven’t gotten around to it.

15)Do you have a crush on anyone?
I have so many crushes on so many people its insane. I can’t keep them all straight in my head.

16.) Do you use words that you don't know the meaning to?
No… I say what I mean and I mean what I say. Ok? I wouldn’t take the chance of making myself look like and oxymoron.

17.) Do you like to sleep?
its my favorite pastime. Actually, when I was younger I never slept. I’d always sneak out of bed and go into my closet. The problem is my closet was so messy, I’d try to pull something out and half the shit would fall, so I’d run and jump into my bed to pretend I was sleeping. All these years I thought it worked. HAHA my parents knew. The funny thing is is that my mom used to move the furniture around all the time and my favorite was when she had the tv straight down the hallway, because my room was at the end of the hallway and I’d lay on the floor at my door and I remember watching Mcgyver. Now, it catches up with me. I still can’t sleep so when I do, I value it greatly.

18.) Do you know which U.S. states don't use Daylight savings?
um, the middle ones?

19.) Do you know the song Total Eclipse of the Heart?
I’ve heard it once or twice.

20.) Do you want a bright yellow '06 Mustang?
I do not. I don’t want any color mustang. Unless of course you’re offering me one, in which case I’ll trade it right in.

21.) What's something you've always wanted?
affectionate attention.

22.) Do you have hairy legs?
not at the moment! Thanks for noticing.

23.) What does "Semper Fidelis" stand for?
Um, together forever? United we stand? In honor we will hold hands together?

24.) Would you rather swim in the ocean or a lake?
I would rather swim somewhere far far away.

25.) Do you wear a lot of black?

26.) Describe your hair?

29.) Who is your best friend?
I have a lot of best friends.

30.) Do you have a tan?
Far from it. What’s the opposite of tan? I pretty much blend in with the snow right now.

31) Are you a computer addict?
I love my computer, all my friends live in it.

33.) Are you a sugar freak?
Yes, this is tough to admit. Hi, my name is Nicole and I am addicted to sugar.

34.) Do you like orange juice?
I can’t have Orange juice. Didn’t I just admit I was addicted to sugar. It’s like drinking a cup of the stuff.

35.) What sign are you?

32.) Do you enjoy spending time with your mother?
I love spending time with my mom. She’s like one of my best friends. We can have a great time anywhere.

36.) Can you count to ten in more than one language?
That I can actually do.

37.) Who did you copy this from?

38.) How do you know them?
We haven’t actually met, but we share a lot of the same interests! haha

39.) Have you kissed anyone in the past week?
not a soul.

40.) What are your plans for this weekend?
Avoid Ken as much as possible.


March 28th, 2007

Is everyone stupid?

The L.A. Kings just assigned Jack Johnson to a multi-year contract. With 10 games left in the season.

Kings are paying him $850K/year and there is supposedly a sign on bonus of $1million.
And yes, these last 10 games, do count as his 1st year. He is ineligible to play for Manchester since he signed an NHL deal so late in the season. So if he does go back to school, Kings are investing big bucks in him to see him for 10 games.

Thats fucking stupid. I mean seriously stupid. Have they lost their minds? I cannot stand what they're doing. They are not making hockey fun.

March 26th, 2007

I cannot take this anymore

Have you ever just wanted to chock someone out until they were blissfully quiet!? I can't believe it. Ken is so noisy. There is no such thing as silence with him.

We're having dinner. Speghetti. It's easy to make, don't hate me, at least I made something. Anyway, my point. Ken instead of twirling his speghetti, he is scraping his plate. Scrape... scrape.... scrape... clink clink clink. AHH on the fifth scrape clink, I told him to shut the fuck up. Obviously I didn't say it too loudly as he's on the phone with his mother. He ignores me scrape... scraaaaapppeee... I take his plate away, he takes it back. Goes into the kitchen. Scrappeee scraapppeee.. ARE YOU KIDDING ME.

Not to mention the fact that he's slurpping up his speghetti. Honestly, how do you slurpe something that isn't soup? Well, there is a way and Ken knows how. Scrape, clink, slurpe.

He finishes, he coughs. There hasn't been one day in 8 years that he hasn't coughed. Eight years of coughing. I want to shoot myself. Coughing and sniffing his nose. His nose must drip all day long because he swipes it and sniffs. I swear to go I need to be put into a padded room. A QUIET padded room. I'm going to bash his head in with a skillet. I just know I am.

He's so loud in everything he does. The tv is always on and he's deaf so its always loud. AAAHHH. It's hard to concentrate on the book I'm reading when there are people screaming into my ear.

So... thats my evening... I wonder how earplugs work?

March 24th, 2007

I'm an idiot.

Your IQ Is 105

Your Logical Intelligence is Below Average

Your Verbal Intelligence is Exceptional

Your Mathematical Intelligence is Genius

Your General Knowledge is Average

Oh this makes me mad

That bitch.

This sick disgusting lady in Ohio killed over 700 animals. She had a large garbage can and she'd put them in a kennel and submerge them into the garbage can.

She said she did it because she hated them hanging around her house, but then she said she told her neighbors and other people that she'd find good homes for them. What a sick bitch.

Investigators say that a woman who confessed to killing 650 cats and dogs is expected to return to Columbus to face criminal charges on Monday.

Maureen McLaughlin, 56, apparently had checked herself into a mental-health facility in the Mansfield area by the time authorities went to her North Side apartment on Wednesday, Assistant City Prosecutor Bill Hedrick said.

Hedrick said that a social worker who knows McLaughlin told authorities that the woman has a bipolar disorder.

"I want to make sure our mental-health experts are ready," Hedrick said.

Investigators from the Franklin County Animal Shelter and the Capital Area Humane Society say McLaughlin has described drowning hundreds of animals in a large trash can filled with water.

Hedrick said McLaughlin told them she got the animals from rescue groups and neighbors. She said she killed them because she didn't want them to languish in the animal-welfare system.

McLaughlin has been charged so far with one count of animal cruelty.

Two animal rescuers have told authorities that they gave Maureen McLaughlin about 150 animals during the past five years.

Hedrick described the apartment as "meticulous," with no signs of pets, though neighbors referred to McLaughlin as "the cat lady."

She had called Columbus police over the weekend telling of her crimes.

When investigators from the Franklin County Animal Shelter and Capital Area Humane Society went to McLaughlin's apartment, she told investigators that she had killed 650 animals and showed them how: She would put an animal in a crate, then drown it in a large trash can filled with water, Hedrick said.

McLaughlin also showed investigators 16 envelopes that had names and descriptions of animals written on them as well as the dates of their deaths, Hedrick said.

The envelopes contained fur or hair.

On Sunday, Cpl. Joe Rock of the Franklin County Department of Animal Care and Control met McLaughlin and videotaped her confessing to killing the animals.

She then led him to the most recent grave, which was in some woods near her home. He said the remains of a short-haired gray and white cat were inside. McLaughlin was charged with one count of animal cruelty.

Sam Massie, a private security guard and animal rescuer, said he hates to think McLaughlin lied to him all these years.

They met in 2001, and he began bringing dogs and cats to her because she said she was affiliated with an organization that did not euthanize animals, he said.

He estimated he and his wife brought McLaughlin 100 animals.

"It's heartbreaking," Massie said. "When we heard, it made us sick to our stomachs."

The Humane Society, the County Animal Shelter, the Columbus Dog Connection and the Columbus Cat Welfare Association, where McLaughlin volunteered about a decade ago, said they have not taken in any animals from McLaughlin during the past five years.

Hedrick said that building a case might prove difficult. The statute of limitations prevents his office from prosecuting animal-cruelty cases more than 2 years old.

McLaughlin, who got around by bicycle, told investigators she dropped the bodies in parks and different forested areas around the county.

When investigators returned to her apartment at 4331-B Malin Dr. E. with a search warrant Wednesday, the envelopes, crate and trash can were gone.

McLaughlin had left a note saying what she wanted to be buried with.

My friends

What You Really Think Of Your Friends
Sabrina is your soulmate.
You truly love Kori.
You consider Ken your true friend.
You know that My Mom is always thinking of you.
You'll remember Jenn for the rest of your life.
You secretly think Kendra is creative, charming, and a bit too dramatic at times.
You secretly think that Jenn is colorful, impulsive, and a total risk taker.
You secretly think that Mike is loyal and trustworthy to you. And that Mike changes lovers faster than underwear.
You secretly think Deb is shy and nonconfrontational. And that Deb has a hidden internet romance.

March 16th, 2007

Winter Warriors

We left work at 5:25pm and it just now arrived at 6:22pm. It usually takes us 15 minutes. Not an hour. Thanks snowman. Saw lots of cars off the road and getting towed away by our favorite tow company. HAHA…

I just want to thank the snow gods for causing all these accidents today. We really appreciate your help here at Nashua Collision Center, now if you wouldn’t mind melting so that I can enjoy some springtime that would be greatly appreciated.

The dogs love it. They were running around like crazy. Core was eating snow like it was a treat and Joey was chasing her and running around. They love the snow. I on the other hand could do without.

The Monarchs game in Springfield was postponed. I guess they didn’t make it much past the Bedford tolls before turning around. This is actually good news for me. As much as I was excited about listening to them tonight, now I actually can get Ken to drive me to Springfield as they postponed it until March 25th. I think. All I know is that it’s a Sunday and I’m so going. What is better then seeing Joe AND the Monarchs at the same time! Obviously, I want the Monarchs to win, but I wouldn’t feel completely horrible if Joe did. His team didn’t look like the best though. Ouch, what am I saying, I’m a bitch. Nothing new there.

Apparently Ken couldn’t wait to call his parents to discuss the driving conditions. A little bit of snow gets him all excited. I’m just not sure why he couldn’t have called them at 4pm when I was still working and he had nothing to do. He always does that. Doesn’t talk to them during the week but calls them on the weekend.

Our relationship sucks. We are always doing something different. I’m reading he’s watching tv. I’m watching tv he’s on the computer. I’m on the computer he’s out playing hockey. I’m hot he’s cold, I’m cold he’s hot. I want to go to sleep he wants to stay up and watch tv. It’s Friday and we’re in separate rooms. What does that say? We’re just a giant ball of fun, I tell you. Not that we can go anywhere the roads are shitty and the traffic is horrible but still.

I don’t remember what show I saw the other night but while I was watching it (and Ken was on his computer) they were talking about how men get erections when they get messages. HUH, I didn’t know that. I turn to Ken and ask. “Did you get a boner when you got a message?” “NO.” that’s what he said while smiling. “Why are you smiling?” “because you’re funny! Haha”. Huh…. No I’m not I’m serious. So after a few minutes of calling him a liar and telling him I know he did. He admits it. “Ok, I got a lil one.” A LITTLE ONE? OH PLEASE.

Anyway, so today I get a facial and Ken emails me and says since you got that I want a message. That’s funny, you play hockey, you get your hair did, you get new sticks and other stuff for hockey. I get … huh… nothing. I don’t do my hair, I don’t get my nails done, he wont let me ride horses, he basically lets me buy books. So I get a facial that’s good why should he have to get anything? We’re supposed to be saving money. This isn’t my point… I’m just venting a little.

My point is is that I asked Mike today, you get messages all the time, do you get a bone? He says, one time I had to think of fat people and a fat lady on a unicycle and something cold and 546 x 623 and homeless people and armchairs… by the time he was done his spiel I was laughing so hard my sides hurt.

I told Ken he couldn’t get one. No way. No message. Unless he thinks of fat ladies on unicycles. That’s hilarious.

Bad weather out there, if you guys don’t want to have to see me to fix your cars, I suggest you stay in tonight or drive very very slowly.

October 6th, 2006

You Are Grape

You are bold and a true individual. You are very different and very okay with that.

People know you as a straight shooter. You're very honest, even when the truth hurts.

You are also very grounded and practical. No one is going to sneak anything by you.

People enjoy your fresh approach to life. And it's this honesty that makes you a very innovative person.
So I bought a LitterMaid Sunday. Put it all together with the worst instructions I’ve ever seen. After about an hour of putting it together, I finished, YAY. The cat runs in, smells it, gets in, squats and starts pissing on the edge. He’s too big for it. Great, are you kidding me? I get mad, I’m not returning the box, I just spent an hour putting it together.

Then Tuesday, I get home, Coral is at the door in the basement. She only ever meets us downstairs when she’s done something wrong. I go upstairs, all looks fine, I go to use the bathroom and BAM, the top that hides the receptacle is open and the top is off, and the poop is gone. Are you kidding me right now? Give me a break. Ken fixes it for me, and we go about our business.

Thursday comes around, I go into the bathroom, and take a look at the box and something looks odd. Hmm… what could it be? The rake is way higher than it should be. If a cat happens to use the box, the rake would run, but not reach into the litter to scoop it out. What good is the cat box? NONE. I push the rake down, run the rake, it goes through the litter and rises up, then on the way back it doesn’t go down. It stays in the up position. Great. I take the rake off the box, look at it, look at the backing nothing looks clogged or jammed. The box is just broken. I’ve wasted all that time and $ on a box that didn’t even last 4 days.

Now I have to clean and disinfect it and return it to whence it came. What a waste. I have no patience and hate doing things more than once. I’m so sick of doing things more than once. What do I have to do to get the dogs to stay out of the box, and to keep the cat in it?

AAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH. Lids don’t work, Coral just lifts them up with her head. Then Cody, poops on the rug. BOO.

Doesn’t anyone make a dog proof cat box?

October 3rd, 2006

Today is the greatest day

It doesn't get better than this!

Guess who's back back again, Brady's back... tell your friends.

Awesome, Mike Brady is back! Thank god, I've missed him so!

Work, will be so much better.
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